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To Do Activities in Shimla

To Do Activities in Shimla

Shimla, a glamorous green valley with the touch of the bygone British era, is famous for its pristine and kaleidoscopic beauty and mesmerizing weather. A bewitching hill station which changes its girly spring hues and turns into a plump snowy maiden in the frosty winter. It is one of the most sought out destinations on the Himalayan Mountain range. It is easily accessible by train, air and road from Delhi. To break the monotony of the journey, one can take the iconic toy train ride while regaling at the amazing beauty travelling through the bosom of the valley.

If you are a mountain lover and look for heavenly indulgences in the lap of nature, Shimla is the best destination. Shimla has something to offer for every occasion. There are many wonderful places to make your stay in Shimla the most memorable one. There are various homestays in shimla where you can stay with your family or friends.

What to do in Shimla?

Shimla offers a lot of activities for people of all ages.

Trekking –  The many hills and woods of Shimla offers ample opportunity of trekking and experiencing nature from close quarters. Walking through the dense alpine vegetation and astounding landscape and feeling the gentle pat of fresh air is a blissful respite from the cacophony of life. All you need is a good pair of trekking shoes and the company of the silent and mesmerizing woods to enjoy it at some of the breath-taking trekking routes. Churdhar Trek, Karol Tibba, Shali Tibba are some of the adventurous treks. Kamna Devi, Dhanu Devta Temple, Chadwick Falls are the less arduous treks. Trained guides, equipment and porters are readily available for a safe trekking experience.

River rafting –  River rafting is an exhilarating and adrenaline gushing activity for the adventurous ones. The feel of the icy cold water splashing against your face while you struggle to steady the unsettling raft over the foamy turbulent waves of the serpentine river will stimulate your adventurous streak. The magnificent untamed crystal-clear waters of Sutlej at Tattapani provide the ideal location for this thrilling experience. Guided rafting tours are available to provide you a safe and amazing involvement. Starting from the easy to the extreme, you can choose your category depending on your experience and caliber. One can also visit the hot Sulphur springs which is famed for its healing properties.

Ice skating –  The experience of gliding over the smooth surface of ice effortlessly wearing steel-bladed skates is worth a try. The turquoise blue sky and the cold weather of Shimla makes it an ideal place to enjoy outdoor skating. One can enjoy open air ice skating at the Shimla rink which is the oldest rink in India. Skaters from all around the globe come here to showcase their skill. An amazing music in the rink keeps you upbeat through your meticulous efforts of balancing and gliding. Apart from skating, people can enjoy sliding and tumbling on ice. This activity is not to be missed.

Paragliding –  Paragliding offers you an opportunity to regale at the impeccable greenery and the amazing vistas of the pristine land below. Spreading out your hands, feeling the gust of wind and the awesome ariel view that you can witness is simply out of this world. Shivpuri is the only place where one can enjoy paragliding in Shimla. Barot, Kufri, Chail, Narkanda, Tattapani and Theog are some of the amazing places for paragliding in the beautiful fringes of Shimla. One can go for solo or tandem paragliding. There are certified trained guides who are available to accompany through this amazing experience to make it a truly unforgettable one.

Apple picking – Another exclusive out-of-the-box experience at Shimla is apple picking at the fruit orchards. The experience of plucking green and red apples right from the branches of apple trees will surely fill your senses with an amazing and unique indulgence. The sunlight glistening on the shiny surface of the apples is a feast for the eyes. Thanedar and Kotagarh are the most renowned orchards which offers exclusive tours that will leave you satisfied being so close to nature. The best time to visit for apple picking is July-August. Relishing a sun-soaked day amidst nature and plucking shiny apples is definitely to do activity while you are in Shimla.

Nature walk –  Walking is one of the oldest form of exercise. Nature walk is another calming activity while soaking in the beauty of nature and enjoying the mountain breeze. Shimla, with its supreme ravishing forms of nature, offers lots of avenue for nature walks. It provides a peek into the local life and history of the place. One can take guided nature walks which starts at Christchurch and ends at The Ridge while traversing through some of the prominent places of Shimla. However, one can simply get lost in the beauty of the city, walk through unknown alleys and be amazed at finding beautiful nature in every corner of the city.

Golfing –  Shimla has vast vacant land with amazing atmosphere which provides a perfect setting for golfing. With lush green grass at your feet, rhododendron and deodar Cedar trees as your spectators and the white puffy cloud in the blue sky, Naldera is a golfer’s paradise. Naldera is a famous 18-hole golf course set at the backdrop of amazing views. The golf course is more than 100 years and boasts of Lord Curzon, the erstwhile Viceroy of India, as one of its many famous patrons. One can learn a trick or two or simply gaze at the golfers while they sling their golf sticks trying to take the perfect shot.

Skiing –  Skiing in Shimla has been immortalized many times in romantic movies and its alluring picture has been etched deep in our minds. The white snowy carpet with its snow-covered slops of Kufri is one of the coveted destination of every tourist who visit Shimla during the magical winter season. It is very convenient to reach. The powdery snow is tempting enough to let go oneself and enjoy skiing, irrespective of your skiing skill. One can find skiing gears on hire from the many vendors. Apart from Kufri, excellent skiing options are available at Mashobra which is 13 kms from Shimla and Narkanda which is 60 kms away from Shimla. Narkanda is sparsely crowded and has virgin slopes. It also provides training for ardent ski lovers.

Angling  fishing –  Waiting patiently to feel the pull of the bait, while being surrounded by the beauty of the hills in a relaxed atmosphere is an exhilarating experience surely not be missed by the fishing lovers. The clean and pollution free waters of the hills compliments different breeds of fish in the rivers of Shimla. The Baspa river and the Uhl river that flows through Rohru in Pabber Valley, Chirgaon, Barot, Sari Marong and Chamba Pattan offers amazing spots for angling and fishing. Sparkling clear water, the green hills around and the sunny sky is the perfect spot for anglers and fishing enthusiasts.

Other than these, forest camping, bungee jumping, hiking and day outing are also some of the to-do activities in Shimla

For a fun filled, adventurous and a thrilling holiday, Shimla should be on top of your bucket list. This is an experience which will weave memories in the loom of your mind for a lifetime.