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Rangeelo Rajasthan Diaries - Part 1

Rangeelo Rajasthan Diaries - Part 1

An immediate feel of royalty and grace transcends upon those who think of this place! Rajasthan - the land of culture, divine hospitality, and history galore. Where the old meets the new and all are welcomed with open arms.

Taking you on the first journey we will uncover the mystery that is rajasthan diaries. Take a look at all those ingredients that make it the city it is. Dive deep into the culture, art, heritage, and history that will help you look at Rajasthan in its own colorful way. We take a look at the colors through the kaleidoscope of diversity.

History, Heritage, and Stay

The countless forts and the magnificent palaces, all take you back into a trance of the glorious past. Walk and observe the lanes of the glorious history as you wander through the passages of Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, and Jaigarh Fort. Most of these forts and palaces will leave you spellbound as they tell you tales of the intrinsic tie between the Indian, Mughal and the British empire.

When in Rajasthan you can get closer to living the royal life by staying at some of the best heritage hotels. Truly you will become a part of this city and the many comforts that it has to offer.

Village Voyages and Period Promenades

They say when in Rajasthan, do as the Rajasthani’s do. The one true way of exploring the many wonders of this city is by exploring it inch by inch. The city has to offer its true essence to all those who travel to rural Rajasthan. Live amongst the authentic lifestyle of the Bhils and enjoy the folklore music and food.

Each city here has a new color to offer and to absorb the true fascination of this hop on to the cycles and find your way through the streets of pink, blue, and gold. Never will you have a moment dull as long as you are willing to explore.

The Vivid Wild Side

Rajasthan would be incomplete without the mention of the Ranthambore National park and Keoladeo bird sanctuary. Get closer to the Bengal tiger and the other magnificent animals to hone your skills as a photographer. Flock along with the most colorful migratory birds and get amazed by the variety of 364 species of birds.

The Land of Dunes and Celebrations

Riding atop the ship of the desert listening to the Panihari songs will give you a feel of newness. Home to some of the most amazing dunes, Rajasthan deserts give you a chance to explore the vastness. People here love to celebrate and live life to the fullest. Be it the festival of colors Holi, the Pushkar cattle festival, or the Sufi music festival held in Jodhpur. You can always find a reason to celebrate life when in Rajasthan.