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Places to visit in Shimla

Places to visit in Shimla

Shimla is well known for its pleasant weather and bountiful natural beauty. It has a large number of natural and architectural places to explore and discover. A visit to Shimla is a lifetime experience for nature lovers in the midst of green valley. Every corner of the city surprises you with its mesmerizing experiences and you can find affordable homestays in shimla where you can easily stay. Some of the popular and sought-after spots to visit are filtered below.

Places to visit in Shimla

Summer Hills: Summer Hill is located at an altitude 2100 kms above the sea level. It is a popular destination for the tourist for its cool and pleasant weather. It is a small, cozy, picturesque town located in the outer fringes of Shimla with green galore all around it. Summer Hills offer a panoramic view of the lush green valley. It is one the stops of the Toy Train from Kalka to Shimla. The place provides a good opportunity for walking and trekking while exploring the town. One can enjoy the spectacular view of the town being covered by fluffy clouds. It is situated at a distance of 5 kms from the famous Shimla Ridge. 

Jakhoo Hill: Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of Shimla which is frequented by visitors for its peaceful and tranquil environment. The hill has an ancient Hanuman Temple and recently constructed 108 feet tall Lord Hanuman statue. It is believed that if someone rings the ancient bell hanging on the outer wall of the temple, he will have good luck for the next 3 days. The road to the summit of the hill is about 2.5 kms walk while enjoying the crisp mountain air. The serene walk uphill amongst Alpine trees is truly an exhilarating one. It is favored by all for its scenic environment. From the summit, one can have an amazing view of the Shivalik mountain range and the Himalayan foothills.

Scandal Point: Scandal Point is located in the heart of the city center near the state post office. It is located at the spot where the Mall Road and The Ridge converges each other. Scandal Point hosts the annual Shimla Summer festival, a 5-day long annual fiesta showcasing the extravagant and vibrant music and the rich cultural heritage of Shimla. There are various rumors regarding its interesting name, the most convincing being the daughter of the Viceroy eloping with the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh in this spot. It offers amazing views of the snowy mountains while taking a stroll through the point.

Chadwick Falls: Shimla is famed for its nature walks and trails. Located at a distance of 5 kms from the Shimla Railway Station, Chadwick Falls is a waterfall amidst the woods adorned with lush green deodar trees. The gushing water falling from a height of 86 meters into the gorge below invites tourists to indulge in its beauty and enjoy the relaxing surrounding of the chirping of birds. The water is chilling and refreshing as it cascades down from the mountains. The best time to visit is July to October after the monsoon when the waterfall is at its liveliest. The walk above to the waterfall offers a great view of the snow-capped mountains.

Himalayan Bird Park: It is located in the heart of the city bang opposite to the Vice Regal Lodge. It a small aviary which houses some exotic birds including the Himalayan Monal which is Himachal Pradesh’s former state bird, peafowl, peacock, pheasants etc. which is a delight to avid bird watchers. Nestled at an altitude of 2000 meters amidst lush green pastures, Himalayan Bird Park is a nature lover’s paradise. The aviary is open only in the summers. Apart from the avian companions, the park also houses rich collection of plants and trees. One can enjoy a refreshing walk regaling at the beauty of the birds and the nature around.

Kufri: A quaint hill station situated 15 kms away from Shimla is the awesome place called Kufri. The annual winter sports festival of Shimla is held at Kufri which attracts people from India and abroad. One can indulge in skiing in the unexplored slops, get excited in a thrilling ride at go-karting or enjoy tobogganing, a fun filled activity of sliding downhill on a sled.  Kufri is famous for its exceptionally beautiful scenic beauty. Every angle clicks a picture-perfect shot at Kufri. It is equally alluring in summer. A haven for nature lovers, Kufri is a place not to be missed.

Chail: Chail is a beautiful hill station which overlooks both Kasauli and Shimla. It was the summer capital of the princely state of Patiala. Chail is famous for its alluring beauty and virgin forests. It is less crowded as compared to Shimla. Tourists can leisurely stroll through the pine and deodar trees, basking in nature’s lap and enjoying the view of the snow-capped mountains in the far away distance. The Chail cricket pitch at an altitude of 7,380 feet from the sea level is the highest cricket pitch in the world. It was built by the erstwhile royal family of Patiala state in 1893.

Kuthar Fort: Kuthar Fort is a major tourist attraction. The massive 800-year-old fort built by the Gurkha kings had been a witness to a glorious past. Spread across a vast expanse of 52.8 sq kms, the fort houses an ancient temple and a beautiful garden. A freshwater spring flows thru the fort. It is a serene fort to enjoy quality time with family and friends. The fort has a unique Rajasthani architectural touch. Tourists can wonder at the exquisitely carved arches and gateways. It has a wonderful collection of paintings. The wooden carvings used throughout the fort enhances its grandeur and beauty.

Pabbar Valley: Pabbar Valley is one of the least known valleys left completely unspoiled by human intervention. The road to Pabbar Valley is not known much outside the trekking community. Trekking is the best option to explore the valley. It has a number of natural water bodies dotted across the trekking path. It offers a unique experience of trekking through the rural settings of Shimla while enjoying the amazing views of the many apple orchards that lies on the way. One can try their hand in trout fishing which is another surprise activity along the trek. The natural landscape will leave one mesmerized all through the journey.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: This grandiose building erstwhile known as Viceregal Lodge is one of the oldest institutes that teach both Science and Arts. This place is a must-see for its architectural beauty and magnificence. It is a historical building where the famous historical Shimla Conference was held. The decision of dividing India into Pakistan and East Pakistan was taken here. After independence, the building was named as Rashtrapati Niwas serving as the summer house for the President of India. Living up to its reputation as a center of excellence, it is frequented by erudite scholars, learned professors and guest literary figures from all around the globe. The building operates a guided tour giving a glimpse of its history.

Words fall short to describe the beauty of this amazing hill station. Exploring Shimla will never end in one holiday. It has many windows to the nature each giving an unique view to the visitor.