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Serene Shimla Escapades

Serene Shimla Escapades

The Queen of the hills, and the designated weekend escapade of all those people who stay in the concrete jungles of Delhi. Shimla is a spot that is favored by all especially because there is something for everyone here. With picture-perfect weather all around the year, there is no surprise as to why Shimla is a hot favorite to get away from the wretched summers of Delhi. 

Planning a trip to Shimla over the coming weekend? Here are the top ten destinations that you can include in your Shimla bucket list. 

Shimla Sightseeing Spots

Summer Hills: The first spot is definitely a small picturesque town of Summer Hills that are located 5 km away from Shimla. Surrounded by lush greenery and patches that give the best views, Summer Hills should definitely be on your stop list when in Shimla.

Jakhoo Hill: A trek that gives a surprise to most travlers who stop by. Jakhoo Hill is one of the highest points in Shimla that is 8000 feet high. A destination that is favored by all for its scenic environment and that houses a 108 feet tall Lord Hanuman idol.

Scandal Point: Unlike the name, this point is the least bit scandalous. Considered one of the most famous spots in Shimla this place hosts the annual Shimla festival. A point from where the snow-clad mountains are easy to view, Scandal Point is a must-visit sight for all.

Chadwick Falls: Nature trails are some of the best finds that Shimla has. Chadwick Falls is surrounded by the lush green deodar trees. A perfect spot for hiking to reach the top and something that you must visit.

Himalayan Bird Park: If bird watching and spotting the most diverse flock of feathers is what you like, the Himalayan bird park should be checked out. The important thing with this place that it is open only in the summers.

Kufri: If adventure sports like skiing and ice skating are what you like, Kufri will definitely delight. One of the most common spots in Shimla is Kufri and it is just 15 km away from Shimla. All photography enthusiasts can find some of the best captures at Kufri.

Chail: Known to have the highest cricket pitch in the world bordered with tall deodar trees, Chail is certainly a spot that screams peace and tranquility. Lay back, read, and reconnect with your inner soul.

Kuthar Fort: History buffs would not want to miss the chance to take a stroll down the lanes of the past. Kuthar Fort gives all the history buffs with the ideal ambiance filled with gardens and pools of its own. Tales from the past adorned with the beauty of nature galore.

Pabbar Valley: Keeping doctors away will no longer be a task since Pabbar valley is filled with apple orchards. Head to this valley to be surrounded by apple trees and hike on some of the most well-kept trails.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: One of the oldest institutes that teach both Science and Arts. This place is a must-see for its architectural beauty and magnificence.