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Rangeelo Rajasthan Diaries - Part 3

Rangeelo Rajasthan Diaries - Part 3

There is never a dearth of surprises that Rajasthan has to offer, and thus travelers who decide to travel to the hib of heritage and history are definitely in for adventures and experiences diverse. There are plenty of the famous and known tourist spots, however there are also those rare hidden surprises that not many know of.

In the last part of the Rangeelo Rajasthan Diaries we take a virtual trip to some of these lesser known yet equally fascinating Forts of Rajasthan.

Neemrana Fort: Imagine traveling to a fort that is almost 553 years old! A fort so old that is built on a hilltop that is even older and dates back 2 billion years back! Their motto is taking pride in simplicity and it is something that they follow at all times. Situated on the Delhi Jaipur highway, the Neemrana fort is a non hotel hotel because it is a historical treasure that was never meant to be a hotel.

The Neemrana fort is now a luxurious heritage property that has 76 palatial rooms that give travelers the chance to soak in the royalty. Enjoy the acres of greenery with the 6 acre of garden space, or enjoy the adrenaline rush with their very own zip liner.

Pachewar Garh Fort: More than 300 years of history and mystery surround this plush Pachewar Garh Fort which is near the Pumpasagar lake and is in the midst of a village. Travelers visiting this fort can enjoy all the modern amenities along with enjoying all the urban delights of the calm and peaceful village. Situated on the NH 8, the Pachewar Garh Fort is a rare find that boasts of the best luxury along with offering the serene calmness of the village life. Whether it is enjoying a bullock cart ride across the village, or learning pottery from the expert artisans, head to Pachewar Garh Fort hotel to enjoy a balance of modern with the rural.

Nachna Haveli : Located in the Golden City of Jaisalmer, the Nachna Haveli is a 280 year old haveli that has been converted into a luxury hotel.  This place is commonly known as the Thikana Nachana and has 14 large luxurious rooms that are made from chiseled yellow sandstone. The unique architecture and feel of this heritage property is enough to take you back to the royal past and treasures that Jaisalmer has been able to preserve so well.

So, travel to Rajasthan soon, and be amazed by the versatile range of heritage and luxury that it has to offer.