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Offbeat Locations In India

Offbeat Locations In India

For travel enthusiasts, India is a bag full of surprises. A land with serene beaches, spectacular temples, stupendous snow capped mountains, sprawling enigmatic deserts, tranquil backwaters and its ever lively and colourful cities, a traveller is absolutely spoilt with alluring choices.

However, given the vast number of tourists who set out to explore these magnificent locales, the known and popular tourist destinations are overtly populated most of the time. It does not make sense often to be a part of the same hustle bustle of city life even at a travel destination right?

Here is where the hunt for offbeat destinations begin! So what are these offbeat places and why are they called so? Well if we try to differentiate between mainstream and unexplored destinations, here are some defining points.

The major difference is their popularity among weekend travellers. Offbeat destinations are not a popular choice of avid travellers and often do not form a part of travel operators itinerary. Being untouched , they sometimes have their own bumps and pains that comes with their coarse beauty and you should be ready to embrace it. Venturing into the unknown has its own excitement isn’t it ?

So if conventional travel does not lure you anymore and if you are someone who is looking for an ultimate tranquility filled vacation, far way from urbanized crowd, go for these secret , unexplored places! These hidden gems will not only make you come back home satiated but you will be longing for more… Holidays in these lesser-known tourist locales are genuinely memorable. Avoid masses, bask in the raw and untapped natural beauty, get to know the unknown cultures, these secret destinations give you the opportunity to enjoy and learn a plethora of novel things.

Nowadays, more and more tourists are looking for places off the charted travel routes. Often unknown or over shadowed by the popular ones in the region, these locales with leave you absolutely stumped with their sheer natural beauty.

As Ralph Emerson, an American poet once said “ Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” Lets talk about one of the exotic destinations in India, Himachal Pradesh that will wow you with its untouched natural beauty.

Tirthan Valley is a hideaway in the lap of Himalayas. At a whooping altitude of 1600 metres its a gem in mother nature’s treasure. The valley gets its name from the Tirthan river and is called one of Himachal Pradeshs best secret tourist places. The valley houses The Great Himalayan National Park ( GHNP) which has made it to the list of prestigious UNESCO World Heritage sites. The National Park spreads over more than 1100 sq kms. Bird lovers will have the time of their life camping here. Enjoy in the lap of nature while you relax under pine trees, spend time fishing in the river or relish some trekking in one of the finest trekking locations in the world.

For people who are looking for solace and want to escape into the lap of nature Tirthan can be your next holiday destination. Keeping in mind that travellers in future would be looking for social distancing, less crowd and cleanliness like never before, Tirthan is one such location with safe and hygenic homestays that will make your trip truly memorable!