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How Travel Will Change After Covid 19

How Travel Will Change After Covid 19

Year 2020 has been a dark year so far in the history of several countries in the world including India. The coronavirus has devastated the economies of countries across the globe and impacted lives in ways never ever imagined earlier. It is evident that the world before and after Covid 19 will not be the same and so will travel.

However, slowly life and movement will catch its pace. The re-launch for the tourism and hospitality industry will take time and the challenge that owners will face is creating safe havens for tourists and making them feel secure and confident about their stay away from home.

From no travel to necessary travel, to planned relaxing vacations… things will follow but very slowly. Mostly travel will begin with conscious road trips or may be weekend trips. Travelers will initially opt for locations close to home, so that in case of any emergency they can rush back quickly.

Also it will begin with domestic travel once we set our foot outdoors. Local domestic travel will be the most popular. International travel will be a big no atleast for the next one year and travellers will be precocious in case of leisure travel specially overseas.

Even when international travel resumes, it will begin with corona free locales while holidays to Europe and United states will be no in the near future. So, domestic travel industry will somewhat benefit from this diversion of travel from international to national.

People would prefer long stay at one destination rather than hopping or clubbing destinations in one travel plan. Next comes the choice of accommodation. What kind of property will travellers opt for?

Safety, health and exclusivity will be the top priority for future travellers. Guests will prefer brands they have stayed with earlier and are sure of their hygiene and cleanliness. Also, smaller properties will score over grand hotels as people will prefer less contact points.

This will make private houses, villas, boutique hotels and other such homestays the preferred choice, which are less crowded and can be monitored better when it comes to sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene. There are various homestays in india available at affordable rates so people are opting this.

Coming to food, most travellers will opt for home- cooked organic, quiet meals rather than crowded buffet breakfasts and dinners. We shall see quite a few changes in the existing rules in the travel and hospitality industry as per the needs and demands of tourists post the pandemic.

New rules as health monitoring before check in, making guests carry their own towels will become a norm, to comfort visitors and minimize apprehensions.

We would see seating changes in the dining areas with very few tables and chairs and lots of spacing. Signs like “This room has been sanitized. Use your own towel. Stay safe!” will adorn the walls.

Key cards might also become obsolete giving way to no touch digital check ins and check outs. Also travel homes offering meditation and detox facilities might attract more tourists.

Overall, travel post Covid 19 will be all about safe and secure travel. The hospitality sector will leave no stones unturned to convince apprehensive minds. Sanitisation and cleanliness will be the new travel mantra!