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Beautiful Places to Visit in Manali

Beautiful Places to Visit in Manali

Manali has a nymphlike quality who cherishes the camaraderie of the monsoon rain and romances the freezing snow in the winter. It is a hidden chest of numerous precious gems camouflaged under a white sheet of powdery snow. Just like a sparkly and beautiful gem, every place in Manali has its own luster and shine attracting every visitor to its lap. Located around 550 kms from Delhi, Manali is a perfect weekend getaway. It is well connected by road, air, and train.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Manali. Every place has its distinct charm. Below are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Manali to make your vacation really worth remembering.

  1. Solang Valley – Solang is a beautiful valley located on top of the Kullu Valley and 13 kms from Manali. The mesmerizing green summer and the scintillating white winter in this angelic valley evokes the same kind of thrill and adventurous streak within. The beauty of the snowcapped mountains, the splendid glaciers and the whitish snow in the chilling winter season enthralls the visitors. The effervescent tourists are left with oodles of activities to engage in. Skiing and zorbing are the most preferred activities. Witnessing the white paradise below with its groves of emerald deodar trees jutting out through the snow is a breathtaking view which one can view thru paragliding. The gondala ride which takes you to the upper area offers a panoramic view of the valley. In the summer, tourists enjoy paragliding, zorbing, and quid biking. Many tourists visit Solang Valley to witness the sight of the white snow and the clear blue sky while gazing at the far away mountains.

  2. Rohtang Pass – Nestled at an astounding height of 3978 meters above sea level, Rohtang pass is one of the highest passes in the Himalayas. The pristine natural beauty in its full splendor, the snow-covered peaks of the mountains, the fresh whiff of air and the clear blue sky with occasional fluffy clouds all conspires to take one into an outwardly feeling. The pass is closed during winters due to heavy snowfall. Trekking, sledge rides, mountain biking, skiing and tyre drop are some of the exhilarating activities to do in Rohtang. Apart from these, Rohtang is a photographer’s paradise. Its unspoiled terrains and enticing landscapes are picture perfect. The newly opened Atal Tunnel which is built under the Rohtang Pass will enable traffic movement even during winters when the pass is closed.

  3. Hadimba Temple – Located about 2 kms from Manali, Hadimba Temple is mystically set amidst a dense forest of cedar trees. Aptly considered as the Forest Goddess or Van Devi, the temple is a paradigm shift from the bustling Manali town located at a stone’s throw away. The tranquil cedar trees hold abundance of stillness in its bosom which leaves the travelers and worshippers invigorated. Mythologically, the temple holds kinship with Hidimba Devi, the wife of the second Pandav Bheem. It is believed that the stone on which the temple is built is the place where Hidimba Devi meditated. The outer walls of the temple are adorned with sacrificial remains of animals like antelopes, goats, and buffalos. The temple is an imposing four-storey structure which was built in 1553 by Maharaja Bahadur Singh. A visit to Manali without seeking blessings at this ancient temple.

  4. Jogini Waterfalls – Jogini Waterfalls is one of the most sought-after attraction at Manali. Snuggled amidst the untarnished natural beauty of green scenic mountains and clear blue sky, Jogini waterfalls is located about 7.5 kms from Manali Bus Stand. The sight of the translucent crystal-clear water rippling down from a height of 150 feet is a sight to behold. The trek to reach the waterfall is one of the most beautiful short trek of Manali. The trek traverses through rustic villages, apple orchards, pine trees and streams regaling you all way through with some of the most dazzling views of nature giving peek of the snowcapped peaks of Rohtang and mesmerizing view of the Beas. At the base of the waterfall is the Jogini Mata Mandir which is revered by the locals and the tourists alike. People enjoy a refreshing dive at the rocky pool which is formed at the place where the water breaks. Jogini Waterfalls is an irresistible treat for the nature lovers.

  5. Manikaran Sahib – Manikaran Sahib is a confluence of the spiritual, therapeutic, and natural world all fusing together to transcend one into an empyreal state. The sound of the splashing waters of the Parvati River against the sides of the white dome shaped Manikaran Gurudwara is an enigmatic feeling for the visitors. Located about 80 kms from Manali, Manikaran is a pilgrimage site for the Hindus and the Sikhs. The uranium and other radioactive minerals present in the hot water springs has therapeutic qualities.

Manali is a never-ending journey for the wanderlust. A visit to Manali will leave you wanting for me. It is no surprise that is one of the most sought out tourist destinations.