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A whisper from the PArvati valley- Kheer ganga trekking

A whisper from the PArvati valley- Kheer ganga trekking

Hiking through charismatic  grey-green mountains overlooking Parvati river, apple orchards and thunderous waterfalls . Combine this  scene with bowlful of sweetcorn soup, cheese pasta, rejuvenating hot water spring overlooked by thick coniferous forests from a height of 3000 mts. is exactly what a perfect Kheer ganga trek is all about.

The Parvati valley is mythologically believed to be abode of  Lord Shiva, is highly famous for natural hot water pools and hash lands. Kheer ganga is the best mixture of nature, culture and counterculture. While you plan a trip to  Kheer ganga, you need to keep some points in mind and here the perfect article to check out all the things you should know about the trek. You can book adventure tour packages at best rates and then plan your journey. The best time to opt for the trek is transition weather i.e.  May to June or September to October as temperatures are moderate. Moreover, as it is the post-monsoon season, you will not witness any slipperiness that you might otherwise have encountered in the monsoon season. 

Now once the time is  decided, you need to fix the route you want to take to reach Kheer ganga. There are three different routes but the most preferred ones are by  the rain or road. Via road, you could take your own car or a private bus. Tosh village is around 515 kms so it will take approx 10-12 hours to travel and also depends the number of breaks you take on the way. On the other hand, you can take a private bus to Bhuntar from where you can take a local bus to Barshaini which is the nearest place to Kheer Ganga . Another way to reach Kheer ganga is by train from Pathankot railway station, and the you sire a taxi or bus to  Barshaini. The closest airport is located at about 235 kilometers away from Kheer Ganga and that is Pantnagar Airport. From there, you can hire a direct taxi to Barshaini. 

The final experience lies in the trek and you don't want to mess it up  so choose the right route out of 3 for the perfect trek.

Via  Nakhtan Village - Best and most preferred route to reach Kheer ganga is take a left turn from bridge in Barshaini heading to Nakhtan Village. It is most quickest route to reach and takes 3-4 hours with average walking speed, and you get to witness the pristine Parvati River on the left side of the trek.

Via Kalga Village - Instead of left turn if you opted for right, you would reach Kalga Village. Since on this route there are dense forests, it  is advisable to take a guide along if you don't wish to get lost. Take this route if you want to  avoid the crows but it will join the original route after a few kilometers.

Via  Tosh Village - Another route from Tosh village joins the route from Nakthan village. This route is opted by people staying over in Tosh and wish to start their trek first thing in the morning. Plus point is you witness the Tosh river here that ultimately meets the Parvati River. 

Keep following things in mind for an amazing trek to Kheer Ganga & avoid unnecessary hassle:

·         There are no ATMs after Kasol. So, dispense cash before you begin the trek. Have a back up in case ATM's in kasol are out of cash. 

·         Check the weather in Kheer ganga before  actually starting the trek as the trail is prone to landslides. Avoid being there during rainfall.