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A lot of travel turns you into a storyteller

A lot of travel turns you into a storyteller

They say that not all those who wander are lost. This statement can be held true in so many more than one way. If you look at life so far, at some point we all realize that the one thing that has kept us connected with the history and our roots is the very art of storytelling. Starting from the era of cavemen when the only source of entertainment came when people gathered around the fire to share their stories. But, stuck with the same people things soon became boring because there was nothing new to share. It so happened that a new clan of travelers who roamed from one place to another mastered the art of storytelling. This art they mastered because they focused on travel.

As years have gone by the same art of travel storytelling has evolved. Even today, people become great storytellers because they rely on making travel plans, book travel tour packages that revolve around new places, new food, new people, new experiences, new sights, and new smells. All in all, it is an interactive package of all these elements that make up a great story. It is also true that travelers make great storytellers because they tap in on the central core of the human experience.

When one decides to go backpacking with a group of strangers, it becomes a platform and niche for the transaction of stories and learnings. While you travel and connect with new people, it gives you the chance to connect with a new lifestyle. It also brings you face to face with people who come from different cultures, which means there is a lot to learn and give in the whole process of travel. This huge pool of exchange of new thoughts and experiences is another factor that makes one an explicit storyteller.

Often just like the tight budget that travelers are on, it so happens that with all this control they seem to become evolved storytellers who rely on precision and not on length. Some of the greatest storytellers give you the best stories in the most capsuled ways. The more one travels the more they learn to express the most in the most minimalist ways. It is also true that when you are out traveling and exploring you need to be open to new cultures and ways of living. This openness to the new is what personifies the art of storytelling and visualization on the whole. Your stories will be as open and visual as you allow yourself to be, and every ounce of your experience will portray in the stories that you tell.

All you need to do to become a storyteller is to be open to the prospect of traveling and find a new world of your own. Let your imaginations be fueled by all your travel escapades and become the storyteller you always aspired to be.